The Art

“Studio” is more than just a name. The Studio is a creative and artistic space – a fact that’s evident even upon approach, as you make your way down the famous Caroline Lane, with its dynamic and distinctive street art.



Pride of place in Studio 1 is the Red Series, but late great photographer Noel Graydon – A tableau of figures, many depicting prominent members, present and past, of the Sydney fetish community. Together these images represent the diversity and inclusiveness, in kink and community, that is so central to Studio Kink.

As well as being featured in Micheal Nhey’s film “Liberty in Restraint”, the Red Series hung in the National Gallery circa 2003. Studio Kink is proud to now provide a permanent home for the only other complete collection of the series – a home that brings it back to the Sydney Kink community from which it came, helping to ensure that Noel Graydon’s work continues to be remembered and appreciated.



Within the space itself there’s always something new to see and experience – from performances, to photoshoots, to classes and events for artists and the artistic among us.



At Studio Kink we’ve opened up our studio for artists to hang their art on consignment – we have space available in Studio 2, the socialising area and two hallways. Artworks must be original, of a kink or fetish theme, framed and able to be hung from picture rails (no free standing pieces) – prints, paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media are all good. Artworks will be selected quarterly and must be for sale. Any artwork that doesn’t sell will remain the property of the artist. You must be able to deliver your artwork to Studio Kink, and pick it up if necessary. In order to be considered please send images of your art along with a description including dimensions and media to [email protected] by July 10 – past this date, submissions will be taken for artwork to be displayed in the next quarter.