Event description

22nd and 23rd April.


Self Suspension

10am – 12pm presented by Lani DV8

Lani De Viate from DV8House in Sydney has learnt from some of Japan’s best self-suspension artists/performers, including the likes of Asahi Ageha and Aiko. Join her as she shares her skills (and secrets) of aerial performance art through self suspension.

Lani has been performing with her partner Mark De Viate for over 10 years, and throughout this time has blossomed under his guidance. He was also the one who encouraged her to add self-suspension to her repertoire – and it is just one of those gifts that keeps giving, as she now gets to share her skills with you all.

Once the basics have been mastered (quite simple as it is just a single column tie), we will explore the nearly limitless variations of graceful aerial dance and acrobatic manoeuvres. This is a hands on class, with participation encouraged by all attendees.

In consideration of the advanced nature of this type of suspension it is recommended you have some experience with being suspended and have an intermediate level of fitness to help perform the manoeuvres. We will also cover the intricacies of safety, as it is of the utmost importance that you all know and understand how to take care of yourself whilst in the air.


  • Rope kit of at least 4 x 8m ropes
  • At least 2 rated karabiners (http://www.paddypallin.com.au/edelrid-pure-straight-gate-carabiner.html)

Optional Requirements:

  • A ring and swivel to attach to the hard point is ideal
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended, and a corset will be a good addition to your core strength and longevity in the air

Rope Speak

10am – 12pm presented by Aleni DV8

Have you ever wondered why a bunny is called a bunny and why people who tie up other people are called Riggers and not simply Tops or Doms? What the hell is a beener?

It may seem a little silly and definitely can be a little strange but ever since Japanese style bondage exploded onto the kink scene just over a decade ago the rope scene has developed into a subculture of its own. For the unwary kink explorer those first forays into the rope world can be confronting and confusing.
In this class Aleni will be sharing her history of rope in Australia and explaining the origins of the protocols and ‘ropespeak’. Having travelled all over the world teaching and been a part of Shibari in Australia from the start she has plenty of stories to tell and advice to give when it comes navigating events, parties and education at home and abroad.

Aleni’s down to earth style will cover terminology, etiquette, equipment and naming conventions, negotiating for rope play and risk assessment. She’ll talk about what consent looks like in this sub culture and the common forms of play and skills practiced. She’s seen it all and when it comes to rope, Aleni likes to share..
If you ever thought to yourself that rope is just too complicated, take this opportunity to unravel some of the mysteries of RopeSpeak.

DV8 Hishi Takote (Hojo Hishi)

1pm – 3pm Presented by Mark and Lani DV8

Inspired by the Sake Barrel tie (Hojo hishi) Mark picked ip from Osada Steve in 2007. The following year Mark modified this tie specifically for shibaricon. He adjusted the path of the rope to catch the legs, whilst still retaining the key elements of the original tie – this in turn made it more versatile and stable.

 Hands in front

3:30pm – 5pm presented by Nawarei

The majority of chest harnesses trap the models hands behind their back. Often this has the effect of making the person feel more vulnerable and exposed. If that isn’t your goal one option is to tie the hands in front of the body. This often makes your model feel more secure. Like they are giving themselves a nice hug.

These harnesses are also great for people with injuries or mobility restrictions in the arms and shoulders.

This class will look at patterns that tie the models hands in front of their body.

What you need to know about nerves

3:30pm – 5pm presented by Mark DV8 and Precipice

Nerve related injuries are one of the most prominently discussed risks associated with rope suspensions. With a lot of information on the internet and rumours and misinformation it can be hard to understand the risks for yourself.

This class will help demystify the risks involved. Through understanding the different types of nerve injuries and their causes this class will help you reduce the risk of this happening. Also covered is how to recognise problems and how to react to reduce the damage done and improve recovery.

The Studio Kink Team have an excellent safety record to accompany their extensive real world experience and research.


  • Basic anatomy of nerves
  • Risk factors for nerve injuries
  • Usual location of high risk nerves
  • Signs and symptoms of nerve injuries
  • How to test for nerve problems
  • What to do if you have a problem
  • Risk assessment and mitigation


The art of flow

10am – 12pm presented by Nawa Rei and Mark DV8

Details TBA

Newaza – Intense Floorwork

1pm – 3pm presented by Precipice

They often say that you have the most fun on the floor. Being down there doesn’t mean that you must keep your ties simple though.

Floorwork can be some of the most intensely intimate rope possible. While a lot of standing skills and ties can be performed on the floor, there are a lot of specific ties and techniques unique to it.

This class is designed for intermediate and advanced levels. It will focus on techniques that differentiate floor work form standing forms.

Suspension Lines

3:30pm – 5:30pm presented by Precipice

What do you suspend a person from? There are many different options when it comes to the way you tie your suspension lines.

With a variety of different pickups (ways of attaching a suspension a rope to a tie) as well as lock offs ( how you secure the suspension line once it is holding something) there are many different ways to tie your suspension lines. We will discuss the mechanics and  applications as well as the pros and cons of various methods.

This class will look at the advantages and disadvantages of various pickups and in different situations. Techniques will be demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to practice some lines and lock offs on inanimate objects.


please note: all prices are per person