Event description

Sunday 30th July.

Deliciously Wicked

Are you ready for the next Deliciously Wicked?

The date is set for July 30 and, as promised, this will be our Winter Afternoon Tea so get ready for cosy and warm service along with our deliciously wicked treats.

Deliciously Wicked Afternoon Tea features a morning workshop for submissives to learn how to properly greet and serve our wonderful Dommes who attend for the afternoon event. The workshop is designed and delivered by Aleni DV8 who’s expertise in training submissives is well regarded by both Dom and sub alike. The workshop will give you skills to use at the event and to take with you. It is also a chance to have some one on one time with Aleni to outline what activities you would like to be included in, excluded from, and to give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns in a private, supportive environment. The workshop also gives you a chance to participate in the preparations of the event. If you were at our first event, we look forward to progressing your training and seeing you grow into the role you have chosen.

Time flies when you are having fun and it certainly flew too fast at our last Deliciously Wicked so we are changing the times slightly for more play. The Afternoon Tea kicks off at 1.30pm with an interactive installation as the Ladies gather before sitting down to a lovely High Tea serviced by our attentive and wicked submissives. Games will be played, discipline metered out and nerf guns will be involved. Our tea party will come to a close at 5.30pm.

We all had such a raucous good time at our Autumn afternoon tea Miss Friday Sparkles and I cannot wait for Winter.

Space is limited so don’t wait, buy your tickets today.


Please note: all tickets are per person