Event description

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of July.

Six great BDSM and rope classes over 2 days.


Running with Scissors

Presented by Precipice 10am-12pm

You know all those things that we’re always telling you not to do???

Well this is the class where we’ll tell you how to do them.

We will also explain why you might want do them, what risks you need to be aware of, and how those risks can be mitigated.
It’s only once you understand the rules that you can start bending them.

This class will explore the edgier side of rope, focusing on sadistic rope techniques – from rough and brutal rope play, to predicament bondage, to neck rope and some brutal hojojitsu.

It’s about more than just tying… it’s how we use rope, how we play – it’s what it is that we do, when what we do isn’t always nice and comfortable.


  • Intermediate or higher rope skills
  • Partner to practice on
  • 2 or more 8m lengths of jute (or hemp) rope

Aesthetics Rope

Presented by Nawa Rei 12:45pm-2:45pm

With this class I will be going over some of the ties I have come up with that I use or have used in the photographic work I have done.

From simple one rope ties to complex full body ties, I will go more into the aesthetics of the ties and how they work in relation to photos.

Yoko Zuri Inversions

Presented by Mark De Viate 3pm-5pm

Yoko Zuri (sideways suspension) is a class designed to give you that extra knowledge and skill to push your rope scene to a new level. The art of the Yoko Zuri or Japanese sideway suspension is more than hanging from one side. In this class you learn how to transition from a solely horizontal sideway suspension into numerous positions resulting in a full inversion. The transitions will help your scene flow and balance, without forgetting the beauty a rope scene can hold. Come and learn the details of how to make your sideway suspension a Yoko Zuri.


  • Intermediate or higher rope skills
  • Partner to practice on
  • 8 or more 8m lengths of jute (or hemp) rope


Knife Play

Presented by Master Peter 10am-12pm

When looking at knife play from a technical base it’s not all about the Top’s skills, he will also look at it from a bottom/sub/slave perspective, and will chat about the places (headspace) this type of play can put them in.

It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s a little bit dangerous. This will be a fun morning!

Plastic Wrap

Presented by Precipice 12:45pm-2:45pm

Like the idea of full body bondage that still leaves the person feeling exposed?… Clear plastic wrap…

Want a quick and safe way to completely immobilise someone but still have access to inflict sensation play on their body?… Plastic wrap…

How about full body mummification for bondage and sensory deprivation?… Plastic wrap…

At a complete loss for what to wear to that party?… Plastic wrap…

Plastic wrap is a versatile toy that let’s you go from light bondage to the extreme other end of the spectrum, full body mummification. Useful for sensation play or sensory deprivation.

This class will demonstrate the skills and techniques to get you started playing with plastic wrap. Included are safety, tips and tricks, evil ideas, gotchas along with practical demonstrations and a chance to practice (either on your own ankles or bring your own victim).

Wax Play

Presented by Horaki 3pm-5pm

This workshop will enable you to turn your candles into wands of sensually erotic pleasure and bring out your inner artist in a waxy way all the while your partner writhes in pleasure and pain under your artistic hand.

Learn about different waxes and how to use them – even how to make them at home.

Of course safety and how to clean up will be covered, but so will all the bits that make it sexy, erotic, fun and easy!

There will be a demo and because this is a hands-on class you will get to experience it first hand if you wish. There will also be some candles available to purchase at the class.