Event description

Saturday 27th May 7pm.


Fairy lights and veils of night,
a temple and a theatre,
music loud and music soft,
one purpose one intention,
all things rope and only rope.

This is Nocturnal.

Open to all humans, all ages, all designations. This is a Rope Only event. Two separate rope spaces. A chance to watch the art of rope bondage and to get involved yourself.

The Theatre: Held in Studio Seven with multiple rigging points, this space is carpeted and air conditioned (foot wear allowed) an open stage for your impromptu performance (get the ok from a member of the Studio Kink Team before hand). This space is designated for your boisterous rope…rope full of energy and laughter.

The Temple: Held in Studio One with multiple rigging points, softer light, softer music, softer floor (no footwear allowed) This space is designated to enact your more mediative and spiritual type of rope. We ask that you respect this space and preserve the intended energy by keeping the volume low and calm.

Light refreshment through the night. BYO. No door sales, prebooking only. doors open 7pm till Midnight.


Please note: All tickets are per person. No tickets are available on the door