Event description

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.

Six great BDSM and rope classes over 2 days.

November Kink Intensive

Saturday 11th

The language of pain.

BDSM play scenes are complex structures to facilitate emotional journeys.

Pain is a device used to help facilitate the journey and connect the players.

In this class Aleni explains the role of pain play within a BDSM play scene and how you can translate pain from being something bad to being something that enhances your connection to your play partner.

If you are a bottom that doesn’t handle pain well Aleni can show you how to increase your pain tolerance and achieve your own individual subspace.

Aleni will also explore new ways to experience pain for heavy bottoms. (What does that even mean? Come along and find out)

She speaks to Tops and explains the process of layering pain and reading the bottom.

Take this class as a class companion to The Delicate Sadist or take it as a stand alone class.

The delicate sadist (BDSM)

The art of sadism uses pain to forge a profound connection with the one you unleash your sadism upon.

Join Aleni as she instructs the class on her method of sadism. Building layers of sensation to facilitate a journey into the blissful state that comes from truly good pain play.

Aleni will explain how to craft your play for any pain level and still get the same enjoyment, the same deep connection.

During this class we will be using sensation and lay techniques such as impact, scratching, pinching and hot wax. No blood play or broken skin.

Aleni DV8 is a world reknown kink educator and Shibari artist. She has been exploring pain play for the last twoy decades both as submissive and dominant. Her easy going style and wicked sense of humor makes her an excellent teacher for both the beginner and more experienced kinkster.

Fucking Machines

Pushing a sub/bottom to the point of involuntary orgasm, forcing them over the edge into their own pleasure is a decadent place to play. Physically restraining them lets the Top control the rate and duration of stimulation, and deciding “when” can be very addictive.

Explore this world, and the many interesting devices that can drive that orgasm harder and faster – even if it’s “not” what they really want.

Join Mark De Viate as he shares his experiences with you – this topic and type of play is something that makes him hot, and is a rare opportunity to gain an insight into his world of forced orgasm play. And you might even get lucky with a demonstration…

Sunday 12th

I can not believe it is not a strappado

I came up with this idea for a strappado one day as I wanted to help lock in the shoulders as soon as possible.

I also wanted to restrict the ability lever the arm up as well and add a more breathplay element to it as well, so what we ended up with is this tie that is kinda a strappado but it could also not be considered one…

I have taught this a few times but never in Sydney, as this is the last intensive of the year I wanted to share this tie with you all 🙂

Skill Level – Intermediate (minimum 2 rope TK )

Hands in Front

The majority of chest harnesses trap the models hands behind their back. Often this has the effect of making the person feel more vulnerable and exposed. If that isn’t your goal one option is to tie the hands in front of the body. This often makes your model feel more secure. Like they are giving themselves a nice hug.

These harnesses are also great for people with injuries or mobility restrictions in the arms and shoulders.

This class will look at patterns that tie the models hands in front of their body

Skill Level – Intermediate (minimum 2 rope TK )

Bamboo Suspension

Many suspension techniques are based on using a single suspension point. In this class Precipice will explore the differences when using bamboo poles for suspension points.

We will explore the different safety precautions required as well as suitable lockoffs. Different forces are experienced in this style of in suspension and will also be discussed.

Skill Level: must be comfortable performing suspensions using a TK


please note: all tickets are per person