Event description

Thursday 30th November.

Each one of the Studio Kink Team are international performance artists in their own right and we are passionate about extending our art and supporting the growing community of rope performance artists.

So we are pleased to introduce a new initiative we’re calling Open Point, to complement our Thursday night rope program, Open Point will be held on the 5th Thursday of the month (when they occur). You do not have to be a student of Studio Kink or even a rope artist to participate, you just have to have a show, or an idea of a show.

Open point provides space, a stage, a sound system, lighting and a supportive audience of your peers for aspiring performance artists to use in order to practice or work in a show. Just like an Open mic night, you sign up to use the stage and turn up on the night. We’ll give you your timeslot, you can have up to 30 minutes, and when its your turn, go for it.

Studio 1 will be available for open rope practice.

Studio Seven will be open for practice, workshopping as well as Open Point. Guests are welcome to watch.