Event description

One Saturday per month.

Saturday Takatekote Intensive

This course is the perfect follow on from our beginners course and provides the perfect foundation for further intermediate or advanced workshops.

In this intermediate course we will focus on teaching the Takatekote. This is the iconic Japanese style chest harness (sometimes referred to as a boxtie).  Every lineage of Japanese Rope Bondage has its own Takatekote This class will cover a Takatekote in the Akechi Denki Lineage.

Considered by many as the bedrock of an education in Japanese Rope Bondage, this tie is perfect as a foundation for learning many other concepts of Japanese Rope Bondage.

Learning a Takatekote will teach you most of the elements of Japanese style rope bondage used for other forms. This makes it an excellent foundation for Japanese style rope work skills.

Aside from the pattern being tied this course starts to teach tension, rope handling and communicating with your partner.

The Takatekote Intensive is designed to increase students proficiency in Japanese style rope bondage. It is the perfect way to get up to speed to be able to attend other courses in our rope progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience?

While we don’t enforce prerequisites, in order to get the most from this course we recommend our beginner course or equivalent. Please also be aware that class content can not be modified to cover prerequisite material meaning you may not get the full advantage of attending. Assumed knowledge is:

  • Single column tie
  • Inline cuff/ hojo cuff
  • Floorwork safety

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement is ideal. Think gym or yoga clothes.

Do I need my own rope?

For the courses you will need to bring your own rope (Jute, linen or hemp).  Alternatively rope is available for purchase at the Studio

What kind of rope do you use?

We highly recommend and use Osada Steve Jute. For the style of rope bondage we teach 8 meter long, 6mm thick jute is ideal. We also have rope for sale at the Studio.

Do models pay too?

Our pricing is per person so everyone coming through the door needs their own ticket to attend.

Do I need a partner to tie?

We strongly recommend arranging a partner to tie for our intermediate and advanced content so that you can get hands on experience and receive feedback from the instructor (we consider this the most important aspect of learning).

I don’t have someone to tie/tie me up can you organise someone for me?

We don’t organise this ourselves. We recommend arranging this before coming to class. A great place to meet people for this is SKORE. Alternatively you can post on our facebook or fetlife looking for a partner.


please note: all prices are per person