Event description

7pm Thursday nights.

Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage


Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of erotic Japanese Rope Bondage – beautiful and engaging, it has a rich history and deep roots in Japanese culture.
From artistically intricate knot work through to aerial suspension.

With a focus on connecting with your partner and enjoying the process, not just the end result, Shibari is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream culture.

Our Thursday night beginners course is a four class progression developed by the Studio Kink Team to teach the fundamental components and concepts to attendees. At the end of this course you will have the skills necessary to have fun practicing Japanese Rope Bondage or to participate in more advanced classes and courses.

This class is aimed at anyone looking to get started with Japanese style rope bondage. We will focus on the basics of rope bondage, teaching people the foundation ties that are used, talking about safety and how to use the what you have learnt.

Starting from the most fundamental components, this course requires no previous experience and has no pre required skills or knowledge. You will be able to practice all of the hands on components of this course either on yourself or on a partner.


  • Fundamental knots
  • Safety
  • Negotiation and consent
  • Bondage patterns
  • Rope selection, care and storage

The course consists of four one hour classes. The course starts on the first Thursday of the month and runs weekly. With each class building on the previous one we recommend attending regularly in order. If you miss a class you can organise with an instructor a catch up class, resume the next month or attend one of our other beginner classes.

Classes are $20 individually per person or $60 per person for the four class course.

Rope is provided in the classes to use, however we recommend buying one or more lengths to practice with at home. Rope is available for purchase at the Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

We recommend comfortable, casual clothing that allows you freedom of movement. What you would wear to the gym or yoga would be fine.

Do I need to come with a partner?

For the Rope beginners course you can practice all the components on yourself or a piece of furniture. You are welcome to bring a friend to practice on (class pricing is per person so they will need a ticket to attend too) but this is optional.

Do I need any previous experience?

No! This class is suitable for people who have never even held rope before.

Do I need to bring rope?

We can lend you a length of rope to use during the class. Please feel free to bring your own if you would like, in Japanese-style rope bondage we work with 7-8 meter lengths of natural fibre rope – jute is ideal, but you can also use hemp.

What if I want to be tied up?

Please feel free to come along! There’s no harm in learning some basics, and it’s a great way to get involved and start meeting people. We recommend that people who want to be tied attend this course too, it will give you a better understanding of Japanese Rope allowing you to make better informed decisions about safety and the skill of potential rope tops

What if I can’t make four Thursday nights in a row?

We offer this course in a day long intensive format. You can attend the progression over the course of a few months. You can book a private class with one of the team members to catch up.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my practice partner if they are not tying themselves?

For all Studio Kink events unless explicitly stated otherwise, tickets are per person. This has been factored into the cost of tickets. We believe in doing this for a few reasons:

  • sometimes people don’t want to come as couples, they can come as onesomes, twoesomes or moresomes
  • when people do come with a partner we don’t assume that one partner is covering the full cost. We encourage people to work this out between themselves but believe by not bundling tickets this makes it easier
  • we believe that top, bottom, rigger, model, bunny, switch or anything in between are of equal importance we are an equal opportunity teaching studio and everybody learns something from whichever role they assume.


Please note: all tickets are per person