Pedro and Gestalta

Pedro and Gestalta 


Pedro’s decade-plus obsession with rope started in 2003 with Osada Steve at Studio 6, Tokyo. In 2004, a new journey began when he took classes with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei. After the Sensei’s death (2005-07-17), he continued to study with Nawashi Kanna (formerly Akechi Kanna) – both of whom remain strong influences on his style today. He frequently travels to Japan to keep alive his passion for rope, studies and research. Since there are so many rope salons in Tokyo, with so many talented rope people, if one keeps one’s heart and eyes open, one will definitely learn a lot about Japan and it’s rope culture. This amazing odyssey in kinbaku has allowed him to meet/see/learn from so many great people; such as Yukimura Haruki, Nureki Chimuo, Naka Akira, Randa Mai, Miura Takumi, Hajime Kinoko to name a few… Recently he started to look more closely at Naka Akira’s style, especially after the workshop he presented at Berlin in January 2014. In addition, he has investigated a number of Hojojutsu patterns, as well as it’s history.

Over the years he has performed mainly in Portugal (residing in Lisbon), but has also made appearances across Europe (including the famed “London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage”), U.S. and Japan. He has been teaching for several years now, in Portugal, Spain, France, The Netherlands, U.K., Germany and USA. The topics he teaches are vast, he usually adjusts his classes to the level of the participants – from beginner to experienced.


Gestalta was first introduced to shibari in 2007. Initially drawn purely to the visuals of rope that she discovered in the work of photographers such as Nobyoshi Araki, she began to seek out bondage practitioners within the UK. As she familiarised herself with the experience first hand soon developed an appreciation for, (obsession with, and addiction to) the effects of rope and, through that, sadomasochism more generally. She is both a model and a rigger – absorbing much of her rigging technique as a natural process of observation and experience as a model, and in this respect has been extremely fortunate in the riggers she has had the opportunity to work with throughout her rope journey in both the west and Japan.  
She first found rope bondage as a form of performance in 2009, and first began teaching in around 2014. Due to her understanding of rope from the perspectives of both a rigger and a model the focus of her teaching has been to create an understanding for both sides. She has taught and/or performed as a rigger and/or model in Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Czech, Switzerland, Russia, Portugal and others.


Pedro and Gestalta met in London at the 2011 LFAJRB. Over the years their paths crossed a number of times but it wasn’t until July 2015 that they had the opportunity to work on a performance together, at an event in Tokyo organised by Nawashi Kanna to mark the 10th anniversary of Akechi sensei’s passing. It was a very beautiful and special moment for both of them. Then, in 2016 Pedro was invited by Culturgest (a Portuguese art museum) to restage an art piece entitled “shibari” that he had first performed back in 2005. He invited Gestalta to collaborate on the project and they worked together for two months in order to create and practice an extremely demanding twenty-five transition sequence with a duration of over one hour that was presented over 2 nights in Lisbon and was completely sold out. 
Following this, they decided to continue to work together and are looking forward to touring Australia in 2017! This will be an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from these two rope professionals from both sides of the rope.

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