The Space


Studio Kink has been created to meet the needs of its community, while at the same time providing that community with a space that will help it flourish and grow. The Studio is, first and foremost, a space for education. Spacious yet intimate, with clean lines and echoes of an industrial past, it’s a space that any community would be proud to call their own, that serves as a testament to our passion for education and dedication to enriching our community.

Stepping through our welcoming door, you find yourself insulated from the bustle of the city, and surrounded by the art – the perfect introduction to the creative and diverse space that is Studio Kink.

Versatility was one of our watchwords when designing Studio Kink, we wanted to ensure that the space we created could serve the many varied educational needs of the kink community. We now have three complete Studio spaces, with plenty of amenities available to our guests – facilities for tea and coffee, space to socialise and relax between classes, a large balcony to take in the views and more.



Two-inch wall-to-wall foam matts set riggers and models off to the right start from the ground up, with 16 points on our custom-built industrial-steel frames and another two above the generously sized stage, air-conditioning for those hot Sydney summers, and lighting that’s practical while also setting the mood, Studio Kink provides a venue that can comfortably rival the best in the world for rope and rope education.


Not to be underestimated – Studio 1 can quickly be converted to reveal multipurpose rubber flooring, with the option of chairs for a seated audience.




studio-2Studio 2 has been designed to complement the rope-centric Studio 1 by blending contemporary fetish ambience with a classroom environment.

This well-appointed space sports heavy industrial rubber flooring suitable for all footwear, temperature controlled air conditioning and adjustable lighting. Studio 2 has also allowed us to extend our gallery space and accommodate the artworks of local artists from our community.

Studio 2 takes advantage of a large collection of fetish designed furniture that has been collected over the last two decades by the Studio Kink team to provide unparalleled versatility seen in a community space in Sydney. Comfortably seating allows for groups of up to 30 guests. Studio 2 provides community space for demonstration, practice and education of a wide variety of kink and BDSM topics.



14212736_1446454042036788_6124746900719731999_nStudio Seven has been named after a huge inspiration to the whole Studio Kink Team – our friend Osada Steve. His rope studio in Japan is called Studio SIX, and we couldn’t think of a better way to carry on his legacy here in Sydney.

There is a custom built full size stage, complete with professional stage lighting to rival some of the best performance venues, and with over 20 points on our custom-built industrial-steel frames you are never spoilt for choice.

Studio Seven is open on Thursday nights for our Weeknight SKORE from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, check out our Intermediate Rope Class or our Beginners Rope Class for more details. But you are welcome to come and hang out, socialise and tie in the Studio Seven, or take the class in Studio 1. Drop in, drop out!